Finding Identity in Motherhood

Since becoming pregnant, I’ve had multiple people tell me not to lose my identity for fear of transpiring into some sort of “mommy-robot”. The idea is that I need to achieve a balance where I’m giving my child enough love and attention while still maintaining my own interests and personality. But how, when it’s been engraved into my DNA to love, protect, and promote my spawn to the highest degree, am I supposed to also exist and act as an individual separate from my children? I’ve already gone from Hannah to “mom” and my baby hasn’t even made his grand entrance yet. Read more…


Edward Echwalu - Documentary Photographer

Pregnant mothers wait for antenatal care doctor’s appointment at Kagadi Hospital in Kibaale district.Pregnant women  receiving prenatal care are the percentage of women attended at least once during pregnancy by skilled health personnel for reasons related to pregnancy.Only 47% of pregnant in Uganda attend antenatal care (at least four times) according to UNICEF 

Question is, Why the low percentages yet UGANDA is one finest countries in the world for pregnant women to nest? If they are home-grown, finding foods they crave is a breeze. For non-natives, our supermarkets are well stocked with goods from the world over. We are graced with nutritious foods – vegetables, fruits, starches, meats, fish, name it – cheap and easy to find.

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How I Met Bradley

As I’ve said in earlier posts, birthing naturally was not my original intent. My boyfriend rather coerced me to what I thought to be, “the dark side”. Once we had collectively made the decision to go the natural route, we hit another road block. What method would we choose to go with? Read more…

“My Asshole Hurts”

As much as I hate to perpetuate this poor woman’s embarrassment, I thought this video was pretty funny:

It’s a pretty good indication of the level of confusion and despair that’s standard in delivery. I’ve managed to consume a pretty heavy load of Bradley Method propaganda, and it seems that a little forewarning of the sensations and pain involved in labor goes a long way. I don’t know if I will handle the pain with any more or less dignity, but I certainly won’t be as surprised. The pushing stage of labor is supposed to feel like taking a massive poop, and the “ring of fire” is supposed to make all your pink parts feel like they are on fire. It’s no wonder her asshole hurt!

All I can say is that if my boyfriend decides to film me during labor saying something of equal embarrassment to “my ass hurts” and then proceeds to put it on YouTube for the world to see, he’s going to have hell to pay.


Mapping Paid Maternity Leave

So far every obstacle of my pregnancy could have been solved if I lived in Canada.

Planning My Maternity Leave

Because I am a pregnant California state citizen, I qualify for a large variety of confusing entitlements. My ideal maternity leave would begin two weeks before my due date and end when the baby is five and a half months old–six months off total. However, I am beginning to wonder if I’ll even be allotted half of that. Read more…

Battling Pregnancy Insecurities


Battling Pregnancy Insecurities

It’s officially bikini season here in Southern California. The streets are beginning to fill with beautiful girls prancing around in short shorts and belly shirts with sun kissed radiance. Even though I can still enjoy the ocean breeze this summer, I can’t help but to feel incredibly insecure as my body contorts to unimaginable dimensions in order to make room for my baby. Although incubating a tiny human is a beautiful and marvelous process, it’s also incredibly emotionally trying. I’ve been feeling more and more vulnerable with each passing month. Read more…