I have returned old friends. I realize it’s been over seven months since my last post, but I’m back and have monumental adventures of labor and motherhood to share. Here are topics I’m going to expand on throughout the next couple of weeks:

First of all, I did NOT have a natural birth. I will post my fiancé’s rendition of what happened tomorrow in a separate post with added commentary from me along with pictures of the birth and aftermath.

Secondly, my son is the most beautiful perfect little package of human I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Every facial expression, vocalization, and movement he does makes me feel as though my body is pulsing with melted chocolate instead of blood. My good friend and birth coach Lia Berquist-Fletcher once told me, “Wait ’till you realize every love song you’ve ever heard was really about your child”. It’s true, he’s the love of my life.

Lastly, we moved/drove across the country. My family now lives in Philadelphia, PA.This really should be divided into two or three posts. We’ll see how it goes.

Before I go, I’d also like to refocus the purpose of this blog. It’s more so a narration of my life rather than a journalistic take on the healthcare industry and how it interacts with natural birthing. I would like to still investigate that further, however the primary theme will be much less specific and much more casual-motherhood and living life.