As I’ve said in earlier posts, birthing naturally was not my original intent. My boyfriend rather coerced me to what I thought to be, “the dark side”. Once we had collectively made the decision to go the natural route, we hit another road block. What method would we choose to go with?

I’m not a very disciplined person by nature. My entire life I have been pushed by coaches, personal trainers, and teachers to preform at a level I wouldn’t ordinarily preform at. That’s why I knew I needed training of some sort. After all, this was going to be the most important event of my life. There was no way I was going in unprepared. Luckily for me right around the time Charles and I began seeking a birthing method that would work for us, I stumbled upon an ad at work. It said something along the lines of “Birth the way YOU want” and then provided a website and phone number. I followed the website which acclaimed a Dr. Robert A. Bradley champion of the natural childbirth movement. After a day’s worth of research, I was sold. The Bradley Method is centered around your significant other “coaching” you through labor. I loved the idea of making Charles an active participant in my labor rather than a mere observer.

I called the number from the ad, and a woman named Lia picked up the phone. We immediately “clicked” and talked for a good amount of time. She offered us the opportunity to sit in on a class and then decide if it was something we really wanted to do. That wednesday night, we found ourselves sitting in our very first Bradley class.

Charles and I are now on our second course of The Bradley Method with Lia as our teacher. I’ve created an entire network for support while also educated myself on diet, pain management techniques, and labor itself. Lia is now a close friend who I’ve asked to be my doula during birth. I truly believe in the method.

If you are trying to decide the best option for you and your family currently, I highly recommend researching The Bradley Method.

Here are some resources:

Lia Berquist Fletcher, AAHCC