As much as I hate to perpetuate this poor woman’s embarrassment, I thought this video was pretty funny:

It’s a pretty good indication of the level of confusion and despair that’s standard in delivery. I’ve managed to consume a pretty heavy load of Bradley Method propaganda, and it seems that a little forewarning of the sensations and pain involved in labor goes a long way. I don’t know if I will handle the pain with any more or less dignity, but I certainly won’t be as surprised. The pushing stage of labor is supposed to feel like taking a massive poop, and the “ring of fire” is supposed to make all your pink parts feel like they are on fire. It’s no wonder her asshole hurt!

All I can say is that if my boyfriend decides to film me during labor saying something of equal embarrassment to “my ass hurts” and then proceeds to put it on YouTube for the world to see, he’s going to have hell to pay.