Battling Pregnancy Insecurities

It’s officially bikini season here in Southern California. The streets are beginning to fill with beautiful girls prancing around in short shorts and belly shirts with sun kissed radiance. Even though I can still enjoy the ocean breeze this summer, I can’t help but to feel incredibly insecure as my body contorts to unimaginable dimensions in order to make room for my baby. Although incubating a tiny human is a beautiful and marvelous process, it’s also incredibly emotionally trying. I’ve been feeling more and more vulnerable with each passing month.

I thought my skin was bad before, but now it looks as though these tiny trapped clusters of bacteria have declared war on my face. My glands have gone out of control with this whole “pregnancy glow”. What’s worse is that my treatment is limited because of the baby. Benzoyle peroxide and sacyllic acid are definite pregnancy no-no’s. However, I’ve created a natural skin cleaning routine that seems to be helping. It is as follows:

1. I’m getting an oxygenating facial done WEEKLY. If your skin is anything like mine, I definitely suggest investing in this. I think it’s the number one reason my skin is beginning to clear up.

2. I mask 2-3 times a week with Mario Badescu’s healing and soothing mask. It’s completely natural and has eliminated a lot of the redness in my face.

3. I wash my face twice daily with Dial soap. I leave it on for 1-2 minutes, so it has a chance to eliminate bacteria.

4. After washing my face, I use Mario Badescu’s astringent called “special cleansing lotion C”. It feels cool on my face, and provides immediate relief to any inflammation I have.

5. Once the astringent has dried, I use Nelson’s pure and clear acne treatment gel. It’s homeopathic and again, provides immediate relief.

6. Lastly, I always make sure I never leave the house without putting an oil free sunscreen on. I like glo therapeutics because it’s easily absorbed and doesn’t feel greesy.

Keep your chin up fellow pregos. As your abdomand distends and your skin lubricates with grease, remind yourself of the beautiful baby you will soon be holding.